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'UNLOCKED' talk/workshop - Articulating your practice [29/04/20]

Updated: May 22, 2020

With Sarah Howe

As part of a new series of talks connected with the university, on Tuesday the 29th April at 2pm, I participated in a virtual workshop on Zoom, lead by Sarah Howe. The aim was to aid us in articulating our practice both verbally and when writing. One of the main reasons I participated in this was as recently I had found it somewhat difficult to articulate and verbalise my thoughts and ideas with regards to this specific project, as I seem to be juggling with a lot of different ideas and practical explorations. I thought that this would deem to be a highly useful and applicable tool for creating my artist statement and communicating my thoughts and ideas to the rest of the group and my tutor.

Within the workshop one of the tasks was to undertake a mock interview process whereby in a group of three one would scribe and the other two would participate in a question and answer conversation, asking about each others current interests and practice. Within this activity I learnt a significant amount about my own writing and communication skills, as well as thinking on my feet when answering and asking questions that surround me and my practice. I often struggle with talking about my own work, and find it hard to find the correct words and phrases.

Overall, I found the session extremely interesting and insightful, and came away from it with a stronger and more stable idea of my own practice, and how to communicate it to others. Furthermore, it was also highly advantageous and inspiring to have an alternative method and form of communication with those I don't know so well in both second year and third year, and I feel as though it defiantly aided in my confidence and communication skills, helping me to more forward within my practice, in these uncertain and unsettling times.

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