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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Daniel Buren

As a lot of the work i've been experimenting with and creating has been physical, from working with darkroom prints, to cyanotypes, when presenting them to be placed here on this blog for others to see, it is necessary to rephotograph them. I have been playing around with different ways of doing this, in order to successfully portray the prints visually the best they can be. Playing with composition, framing, lighting and locations, I have been attempting to portray just how we perceive the photographic medium physically. After discussing ideas in a recent online tutorial, Jan recommended and sent over a piece of reading that deemed to be relevant and intriguing.

-The role and importance of the artist studio, where the work is created

-'To question one while leaving the other intact accomplishes nothing'



-Never question the means of presentation..frames, enveloped etc..

-Consider studio being stationary, whereas work created portable

-Consider how the space where the work is initially created impacts the final outcomes? Any examples?

-'Private place'

-How do your surroundings effect ideas, processes and outcomes?

Consider in relation to current situation, how people work differently - (better or worse) in differing locations.

-For example, as a student, working more efficiently around other students, in art school? Or more independently at home, or student house.. how this will alter idea generation, inspiration, motivation etc.

-How will we all be effected by this change(for some, including myself) of location.

-Conversing only only technologies(zoom, online messages, email) how does this alter our thought processes, conversation/interaction skills? - thus altering work ? consider

-Who we surround ourselves with? independent learner, creator?

-Studio has multiple functions/, production, critical evaluation, commercial depot

-Studio acts as filter, - screening from public view of work

-Work 'isolated from real world'

-Closest to its own reality in the studio, and only the studio

-'Work is totally foreign to the world into which it is welcomed(museum, gallery, collection).

Gap between work and place (not its placement)

-"The place where we see it influences the work even more than the place in which it was made from which it has been cast out."........

how we perceive it? physically, virtually, how will the current situation effect this. DIGITAL FORM.

"The work thus passes and - and can only exist in this way, predestined as it is by the imprint of its place of origin"

-The alignment of works on museum walls replicates suggests a cemetery? whatever they are, say depict, mean all artwork will end up in the same place, inevitably , its life/journey is predefined, like ours. the work becomes 'LOST'? CONSIDER?

-Consider all the work in the world that goes unfinished, abandoned, lost, never leaves the studio.

-Conventions of exhibiting work, what we expect to see?

-Place of construction, place of consumption ...anything lost in work?

-Instillation VS exhibition ...difference?



-Does anything become lost in transition from studio to exhibition space?

-Both studio and exhibition space hold equal importance when considering the final outcome.

-'Space' altering consumption of piece. interpretation. perception.

Consider examples of 'artworks' that include aspects and moments of the process. Anyone spring to mind?

Clare Strand - Discreet Channel with Noise :

Displaying empty paint pots in exhibition space.

Used to create the final painted outcomes.

What exactly is she trying to say with this choice.

Are they as important as the final paintings?

Consider in relation to photography.

Process? darkroom prints, abandoned files, scraps of paper, mood-boards, artist research.

How is this therefore relating to my personal work created thus far in this project?

-Considering different presentation methods, techniques.

-Considering bringing attention to current situation, being unable to exhibit physically.

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