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Updated: May 20, 2020

In order for us to continue to engage with our practice, and to keep us thinking about what interests us with regards to photography, whilst questioning 'what photography is', our research methods session are created to boost us with this. I found this activity extremely useful and insightful. Not only did it get me thinking and highlighting what it is that I am interested in, and aim to explore within my work for this unit, but due to the format and way this activity was designed, I was also able to become inspired by the research of other peers on my course. Once we had selected our own videos, the E-VOLI platform allowed for us to see what others had chosen and written about. In doing so, I was able to discover artists and ideas that I perhaps wouldn't have considered looking at if it wasn't for this activity. I feel its important to keep in touch and contact with others on our course, let alone our exhibition groups, as you never know when you may discover something you wouldn't have before.




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