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Updated: May 21, 2020

We had our first research methods session on the 18th March. This was one of the first activities we virtually undertook from home, as opposed to attending university. It was always going to take some time to adjust to the situation, and in a way this was a good stepping stone in doing so. This activity got us thinking and questioning further what photography is, acting as a gentle reminder to contuse pursuing our creativity and motivation. This was done through using videos as a source of primary research. I have always found using this format as a method of understanding an artists work incredibly useful and insightful. It is first a first hand source of information that is explained coherently by those directly involved. They act as reliable sources that give us the most accurate information possible. Hearing the artist themselves speak about their own practice has always motivated me and engaged me into their work, and I often feel I take more away from them than I do with some pieces of writing. Overall, this research methods was a great way of pushing us to keep asking questions about the brief, and our own practices.

Notes from the videos:

(I do apologise for my extremely untidy handwriting... I was writing during the videos and therefore was rushing to keep up)

My comments made on EVOLI :

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