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Updated: May 21, 2020

As mentioned in my previous post regarding the work of Jan Svoboda, I became instantly fascinated and intrigued with his practice, especially in relation to his explorations with looking into the photograph as an object in its own right. Inspired and challenged by this work I then decided to revisit the previous shoot I conducted, and re evaluate the visual aspects within the outcomes. I wasn't too content with how obvious and represnetational the images were, and just how clear they were of what they were depicting. I wanted to create more ambiguous and intriguing outcomes that would pose more questions to the viewer as to what they were. I therefore experimented with creating small scaled sculptured 'objects' out of the darkroom prints themselves. I then re photographed them in the same home studio set up as previously, and the outcomes are presented below.

I think this print in particular (above) makes for a somewhat intriguing and fascinating outcome. Continuing on from the positive feedback I received in a tutorial with regards to incorporating the creases in the sheet, and to highlight the restrictions we are facing due to the situation, I again wanted to incorporate a more 'behind the scenes' look to the images, and expose the full set up of the shoot. This including the use of a pillowcase as a makeshift backdrop. Adding a hint of humour to the outcomes and hoping to subtly reflect and identity those restrictions that are present when creating work.

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