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Updated: May 18, 2020

In order to gain as much recognition and attention for our exhibition as possible, I decided to use my own photography Instagram account as an extra platform for promotion. I have been posting onto my 'story' previews, and recent posts from the exhibition page, so that the work will gain as much attention as possible. I have then added all of these post onto a 'highlight' section, where they can remain on my profile for a prolonged period of time. We have decided as a group that the overall theme and colour scheme will be minimal, grey tones, consisting of mostly blacks and whites. I have therefore aimed to only use such colours during this publicity in order for there to be a constant visual appearance, thus adding to boosting the familiarity and recognition of the event.

@VAGUESEXHIBITION Shared Instagram page that Emmie is managing:

My own personal art account, being used for further publicity of the exhibition :

Harri is also in the process of creating a Facebook event, which will again add to the promotion of the exhibition. In many ways this will reach out to a different audience that can come and view our work.

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