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PUBLIC, PRIVATE, SECRET EXHIBITION [ICP Jun 23, 2016 – Jan 08, 2017]

Updated: May 11, 2020

I came across the exhibition 'Public, Public, Secret' after reading an article about the digital age, and its impact on photography as an art form. Within the article, it discussed and referred to an exhibition held at the International Centre of Photography in 2017, whereby ideas around image-making in the digital age has become interrupted as such. Questioning and bringing attention to the boundaries between our private and public lives, fuelled and altered by the digital image. I then continued to look into this exhibition, as it sounded somewhat intriguing, and had potential to relate to a range of my personal ideas, explored and questioned throughout this project. I also thought it may deem to be a useful and insightful approach of beginning to consider how I will finalise and draw my work to a close, in the shape of a digital exhibition. I

Taken from the exhibition website itself, here Charlotte Cotton speaks of the importance of the physically of the exhibition, and its potential ability to enhance such pieces shown within the exhibition. This is something that we will be unable to achieve as a result of the current situation. Therefore, there is the unfortunate possibility, that as a result of this, the audience will become less engaged within the work and not experience it, as us, creators would have desired.

“It’s not a museum show where you look at the work, read the text, and move to the next picture. It’s a constellation of material, and the show is not scared of being quite dramatic. Increasingly, we talk about the exhibition as a physical experience. In an era where digital or virtual is the default, the actual coming together into a physical space has to be an experience that you don’t want to miss.”

– Charlotte Cotton, Surveillance Revisited, Guernica

As a result of this situation, we will need to find alternative ways and approaches of creating our work in an engaging and dynamic way, to perhaps draw attention in a different way.

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