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Updated: May 22, 2020

As the deadline for the online exhibition is fast approaching, I begun making some mock up publicity posters in order to post online on social media platforms, and our upcoming publicity website in order to gain attention and following for our exhibition.

As a group we have discussed multiple options for designs, and everyone has pitched in some great ideas and examples. One of the most recent discussion points was to have a multiple selection of poster designs having our personal photographic images as the background to the outcome. Whether this be ongoing and and in progress work for this specific project, or simply past personal images. I thought that in doing so, we could begin to suggest the idea behind the title being 'VAGUES', and this referring to the idea of light waves..and also all of our individual interpretations on 'what photography is' being completely different. This would then be depicted in the multiple posters that would each be unique and personal to us all individually.

Presented below are two of my more successful attempts of design ideas. I have used the scanned in darkroom prints of the initial digital files sourced from the internet. I chose these two specify ones as they have less detail within and thus the audience won't be distracted from the text and key information displayed upon the poster. I have then incorporated

Below are some other group members ideas with regards to poster designs :

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