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Updated: May 5, 2020

We once again met up virtually on Zoom for our fifth group tutorial with Jan. As the weeks are drawing to a close and the deadline is approaching, we once again predominantly focused on and discussed the group aspects of the exhibition.

-Confirmation of 'VAGUE' or 'VAGUES'... consider using consistent font and branding throughout online publicity in order to attract attention, and make it recognisable. Ensure everyone is using correct and same one when writing about work, including it on social media, posters etc.

-I suggested we use this logo (that Harri created) as our Instagram profile image, to again, make our exhibition more recognisable and consistent throughout publication and branding.

-Discussed best and most effective method of showcasing work.

What would enhance our work?

-Consider what we can accomplish visually and practically when using an online platform as opposed to conventional gallery space? External links to other sources/pages/zines/videos etc

-Consider possibility that work featured in exhibition could be remotely changed day by day, as exhibition is launched...

(amount of work)

(type of work, selection/progress?)

(live streams?)

-This would be harder to undertake in a physical space?

-Consider what a conventional gallery restricts, use digital space to our advantage - look in a positive way, as opposed to negative

-Does the digital alter context / meaning of work?....this especially links to my work

ADMIN complete

-Manifesto, all attempt and piece together using best bits of all?

-Catalogue, complete once all work is finalised and space is created?

-Continue building social media presence, make exhibition recognisable/familiar to following (Emilia focussing on this, however all have access)

-Update website, and group blog on regular basis (Alana focussing on managing this, however all have access)

-Complete reflective written overview for final submission..(research, how we responded to question etc...800 words)

-Peer evaluation (recognise and discuss everyones individual contribution to group work...600 words)

Personal work/progress tutor feedback and thoughts :

Points to consider :

Approaching the question of what photography is from a different direction, in particular our relationship with photography today.

Why don't we produce physical prints like we used to. Is it no longer cost effective, have the images no real value, do they become more valuable if they are exhibited in a certain way, do we not have the time any more to carefully place prints with little sticky corners into photo albums or write on the back of them an explanation of what they depict?

What have we gained and what have we lost? The fate of old photo albums and the fate of online images.

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