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As a result of the course content going digital, due to the current circumstances, we conducted our first virtual group meeting on zoom. To me, even the concept and possibility of us as a group all still being able to organise, meet and discuss work, when unable to do so face to face I found exceptionally interesting and uplifting. In many ways, it is a learning curve for all of us to be able to realise that we are lucky to be able to do this in times like this, and to appreciate the opportunities technologies give us. Using zoom wasn't as difficult as I first thought it would be, and after this initial meeting, the prospects of us continuing in the same format as previously seemed positive.

Presented below are the outcomes of this first meeting. I found it exceptionally helpful to still be able to discuss our ideas and thoughts as a group, as I always appreciate feedback from both peers and tutors.



-With regards to comparing the new and old brief, everything still applies in terms of organising and arranging exhibition...

-Still create posters, social media profiles, catalogues, website etc for advertising and publicising the now virtual and digital exhibition. (obviously consider that it is all digital now)

-Consider other ways of producing work...being digital, does this help or hinder work?

(personally, at first hinders mine, ...IRONIC IF ANYTHING... but could be turned into a positive)

-Work already done NOT from this? Use this work throughout...take these physical prints on a journey through these odd times..?

-What is our group theme? is this still relevant? light and sound? 'VAGUE'...vague used as a way of us all producing different work and interpretations of 'what photography is' these circumstances its a positive and progress even attempting to make perhaps not to worry so much about group theme?


[giving images a 'second chance' what happens after they are turned into a digital file and uploaded online for all to see? where do they go? USE found images, as unable to go out and photograph]

-Work with chance?

-My work having a more academic approach, more theory based?

-Read 'what photography is' James Elkins page 46- 28?

-Representational if the image is familiar? not given a second thought?...make ambiguous to interpretation?


-HOW do we respond to being forced inside

-Where can we find images around the home



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