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Poster design by Holly

To get us on track for finalising what our sub theme will be, in order to start making some meaningful work in a solid direction, Jack introduced to us some ideas he had been thinking of in terms of this.

He proposed the name of 'VAGUES' to us with these thoughts behind :

'If light and sound if a relationship we are all going to explore as a theme this project, a relationship that the two of them share is travelling in waves with Antwerp being a place in Belgium, one of the main languages they speak is French, and waves in french is vagues when looking up the definitions of vague in english, the word relates to what they are pushing us to explore for ‘what photography is’ for exhibit in the city- not being defined as a photograph, being unclear and uncertain of itself this whole concept can be reflected in the promotion and advertising we create for our work, similar to this poster'

It was at this moment that we all agreed this would be a promising name, and sub theme to explore. This idea surrounding the definition of the word vague being 'uncertain' and 'unclear' is where the overarching theme of the brief fits in nicely. with this definition of just what photography is being very unclear, and vague to understand.

To me, this idea of 'vagues' proposed at least (if not more) two different threads that could be explored. The first being surrounding the idea of the relationship between sound and light (which I don't really see, and am unsure as to if I want to continue with this strand) and the other being this unclear definition of the word. Furthermore, with the prospect of the exhibition being held in Antwerp Mansion, this again opened new strands for exploration considering this relationship with sound...considering the venue used to be involved with music, and the 'rave scene'.

These ideas were split among the group, and some wanted to explore such areas, whereas others different. This is where the 'unclear' nature of the phrase comes in.

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