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Updated: May 21, 2020

As a result of our first meeting regarding initial thoughts and and theme ideas, several ideas were raised with regards to what could be explored as a sub heading to the overarching theme of 'What photography is'. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this meeting as I was attending a pre booked artist talk in London on this specific day, however I was able to communicate with my fellow group members via our Facebook group chat. I am aware however, that this put me instantly in a disadvantage as I do realise just how important and effective it is having a physical meeting as opposed to discussing ideas virtually. One is able to be more coherent and precise with ideas and communication and thus more will be achieved. Furthermore, I am aware just how crucial these preliminary stages are with regards to building good rapports and connections in a new group, as this will effectively strengthen the collaborative aspects when approaching the group-work and combined tasks. However this was unavoidable, and I hope it doesn't have an effect on my future position in the group.

The central theme that was discussed was exploring the relationship with sound and light, and the idea of drawing with light.

-Reflection and refraction

-Travel as waves

-Light can travel through a vacuum, sound travels through a solid, liquid gas..?

-Photography and sound relationship…Technology VS perception of artist

-Bridging gap between Digital and analogue processes

-Makeshift negative ..acetate?

-Processing images, darkroom VS computer/technologies

To ensure I wasn't missing out on anything said or agreed in the first meeting, I pitched in a couple of ideas onto the Facebook group page, and relayed on some initial readings that I had undertaken to try and get the ball rolling, with us questing just 'What photography is'. I had recently read this Guardian article about the digital age in relation to photography, and proposed it to the group.

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