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Updated: May 21, 2020

After receiving the initial briefing in the lecture on the 18th February, I was extremely excited and eager as to what this unit could engage me in with regards to developing myself both as a practitioner, and also a professional. I have always had a potent interest in the process of creating exhibitions, and thus felt this opportunity was perfect in terms of expanding this skill set, whilst responding to an area of photography that intrigues me as a practitioner. In reflection, since completing the previous unit of Explore and Experiment, I have often referred to this part of my creative journey as acting as a significant turning point in my realisation as to what it actually is that I am interested in with regards to photography. It allowed me to pin point my strengths and weaknesses, and discover just what it is that I enjoy creating and questioning within my work. Since starting this course in 2018, this notion of questing the medium through being encouraged to work around the parameters of the photography has always intrigued me. I have always been encouraged and advised by my tutors to constantly question what constitutes as a photograph, and to delve further into just what it represents, avoiding looking into it in a representational manner. I am excited to see what this unit has to offer, and look forward to working in a collective of my peers to make something we are proud of.

Slides from briefing presentation :

Briefed by Ben McDonnell 18/02/20

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