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Updated: May 7, 2020


As discussed the the previous meeting, we would all attempt to write a small piece of writing, outlining our aims and goals for the exhibition, in order to piece together a manifesto. Below are Alana, and Rebecca's examples. I am yet to write one, but have had some thoughts. However, If as a group we decide that one of these, or a combination of these deem to be a good representation of our exhibition, then we will opt to use them for the final submission, and publicity of our exhibition.


For the final submission, a collective website needs to be created, whereby we use it as a base for showcasing information about those involved, the works we've created, and artists statements. Furthermore, we also decided that we would include our collective blog on the website as an additional feature. This is just how I've gone about creating my own blog for this project too, and its deemed to be very easy to access and thus In doing so, our group work will all be in one particular place, which will be easy to navigate and find. Alana has taken principle responsibility for the monitoring and creation of this. She gave us the login so we will all be able to have access and add to the blog personally. On the blog we will include the process of creating the exhibition, such as the posters, artists statements, manifesto, catalogues and also the physical (digital) creation and curation of the exhibition space. We are all in the process of finalising the blog, and I will be adding to it in the near future.

Posters featured on the website :

My featured page on website :

Example of blog post :

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