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We had our final online tutorial with Jan the day before our exhibition launch and submission date. It was a short tutorial simply outlining what was left for us to do in the final stages before submission, ensuring everything was ready. With regards to the preparation for the exhibition, as a group everyone is working incredibly hard to make sure everything is in place, and looking ready for tomorrow. We are still finalising sections on the Artsteps account, adding final finishing touches and elements such as tables, placards and posters. One thing Jan highlighted in the meeting was to ensure all text was consistent and the same throughout the entire exhibition. This is something I then reassured would be finalised by Jack, Holly and myself in the final curation stages. I took to the group chat to try and decide what the best way to go about this would be. The outcome was that we would all make our own text JPEG files to then insert onto our individual wall spaces.

Title (in bold 16pt)

Name (not in bold 16pt)

Description (12pt)

Font: Avenir book

^^^ My final artist statement to be included in the exhibition space ^^^


When it came to discussing our individual spaces, and finalising this with our groups, Jan highlighted and brought to my attention my newest idea with regards to the adjustments i'd made to my space. (discussed in the previous blog post) This being my decision of replacing a selection of the images with some work that I had produced earlier on in the unit. She very wisely suggested that having those displayed in this format caused the meaning that I intended to be lost. This being the idea of different means of display (framing) causing different interpretations and perceptions etc. I then reviewed and mulled over this conversation after the tutorial, and came to the conclusion, that I would revisit this decision. I will change it back to how it was previously, with the repeated images, and then in order to still include those edits, I will use those to create the 3D object, instead of the other images. In doing so, I will be able to include all pieces without the meaning and intentions being lost in the process.

Taking all of this into consideration, below is the reworked 3D model/instillation piece that I have replaced with the digital layering experimentations. Below that is the finalised exhibition space, that I am happy with.

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