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After we had all uploaded our individual space plans onto the drive, we then discussed in a group zoom meeting on Sunday the 17th what would both visually and conceptually work well together with regards to the positioning of the works in the overall floor plan. We decided that we would split the overall space into two floors. (Doing this through creating a separate Artsteps account where the upstairs floor would be and connecting this through a link and placing a 3D object of a set of stairs on) In doing so we would be keeping true to the original floor plan of Antwerp, which will feed in nicely with a selection of the works still relating to and referencing the initial exhibition space. We concluded that the floor plan would be as follows:

DOWNSTAIRS : Ellie, Jack, Rebecca, Alana, Emily and Holly. [WHITE WALLS]

UPSTAIRS: Harri, Emmie, Lauren and Sam. [BLACK WALLS]

Downstairs plan

Upstairs plan

Those with work upstairs all wanted to have a darker background, and their spaces were somewhat instillation heavy. We therefore decided this would be a good separation point. Furthermore, those upstairs still wanted to have a relation to Antwerp, and therefore again this seemed the best way to distinguish between the both.

Lauren then went onto design the floodplain for the top floor, and Holly designed it for the bottom floor. They then sent these drafts to the group to gain some feedback and to see if we were all happy with it. They then went onto create the spaces on the separate Artsteps, giving us all the log in's so we could all install our own works in at separate time slots in order to make sure the site wasn't overloaded with the amount of people on it at the same time. This then happened over the space of the Monday - Wednesday, giving Jack, Holly and myself the Thursday and Friday to finalise it all, ensuring all was ready for the launch.

My allocated time for the instillation of my work was the Tuesday morning. I went ahead and organised the space in my desired way.

Overall, I feel though my finalised space speaks of my thought processes, approach and application of both my response to the given brief, and also the given situation that we have found ourselves in. They have both coupled up in the best possible way, to produce this broad yet unique take on the questioning of our relationship with the photographic image in a digital culture.

I decided to incorporate both aspects of my process and approach as didn't want to limit myself in only showing one, and it not saying what I fully intended. This seemed difficult to ensure was dealt with in the best possible way, considering its lack of physicality.

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