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Updated: May 22, 2020


As I have begun bring my work to a close, and am finalising my ideas and concepts for the exhibition, the next step I need to undertake is to come up with a title for the work.

As my work has been a heavily broad exploration into the medium of photography, and hasn't really specified any specific route, I wanted to ensure the title was both accessible yet informative.


The ideas behind using this word in my title have come from a number of different thought processes. One being our adaptation to the situation we have found ourselves in, and having to abide by 'social distancing'. As this global situation has affected the way in which we have been undertaking our work, and practices, experiencing work and imagery in awn extremely distanced manner.

I thought that this word can act in two being a reference to this, and the other being surrounding the idea of the 'display screen' disrupting our experience of photographs and causing this experience to become 'distanced', bringing into question photographic materiality in the age of digital reproduction.


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