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Updated: May 21, 2020

After viewing the space on the Thursday, we then discussed our thoughts and opinions on the situation, to see what we were all thinking as a group. we all decided that we would go ahead with using the space, as it seemed to fit all of the criteria we were looking for in terms of budgeting, space and availability. In reflection, the space itself was exceptionally large, as a result of it being a house in the past. It included multiple rooms, as well as a large 'ballroom' which was the most fitting to the conventional gallery exhibition space, with having white walls, and being well lit. This then opened up a new possibility of collaborating with another group, which has both pros and cons. The idea excited me, as it would be a great opportunity for a large audience, and a higher chance that the final exhibition will have a wider reach as a result of the double of exposure. Furthermore, it would lower the costs of the overall space and this could allow for us to consider using this extra money for additional features. However, we did also realise and take into consideration that this could possibility hinder the experience, as it would not be just our space, and could potentially be harder to organise. Furthermore it could add a certain competitive nature to the overall exhibition, with both groups wanting to exceed the other.

As a group we discussed both the pros and cons with this possibility, and the outcome had fairly mixed views. In one tutorial session, we had a representative of the other group ('11 Dimensions') come in so we could discuss how we would go about this. She pitched the idea extremely coherently, and as a result this swayed me into hoping for the collaboration. This whole experience was a perfect example of working in a highly professional manner, with all group members responding maturely and effectively in overcoming any dilemmas we may have faced.

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