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Updated: May 22, 2020

Before I started considering methods and approaches to finalise and bring all my work together in preparation for the exhibition, I took it upon myself to explore the possibilities of using the platform Artsteps, that we had discussed would be a strong choice for showcasing our finalised work on. I'd had a brief look at the platform a few weeks ago, but before now hadn't actually played around with it to see what possibilities it held. Overall it seems to be extremely easy and straightforward to use and navigate, allowing for alternative methods and forms of presentation, from conventional wall hangings, to plinths, and the incorporation of 3D models. I am also aware that it is possible to insert hyperlinks to other sites for the inclusion of zines and catalogues etc.

I started off by simply placing my work in the space, to see what it would look like in such environments. Obviously, at the moment I, along with the rest of the group are unsure as to what we will be exhibiting, as we still have three weeks until the launch, so only placed works in progress in the space. (Shown below)

After placing my own work in the space, I took to the shared google drive where everyone had uploaded their current work on, and placed their works in the space too, designing a possible layout for an exhibition. When placing the work in the space, I took into consideration both visual and conceptual factors when deciding the arrangement of the works, as this will need to be done when curating the final exhibition. For example, the wall of the far right hand side, (containing both Alana and Lauren's work) were images that included the presence of human figures within, and had a predominantly monochrome colour scheme. These were the two more visually representational pieces, whilst the other pieces are more ambiguously created using alternative processes etc. The dividing hanging board placed in the centre of the room included Jacks work on. I chose to place this here, as in many ways it seemed he visually had two aspects to the work, with a more abstract piece located on one side, with the other two being created in a more documentative style. On the left hand side of the room, I placed my own, Sams, Emily's and Rebeccas work, and I felt visually they enhanced one another. I only used works that were in the google drive file, so therefore not everyones work was here, and when I attempted uploading Emilias video file, my laptop couldn't handle it and crashed, however, I placed a plinth on the right hand side of the room where her video could be placed. Obviously I am aware that the final space will need to be significantly bigger, and have a more dynamic layout, to incorporate space for instillation, projection and video, however as aforementioned this was only a simple mock up to get me used to using the site.

This exploration was simply for me to get to understand and navigate the platform, so when it comes to curating and building the final space it will be an easier experience. It is in no way a final or possible outcome, as I am fully aware people are still creating and finalising works.

I also then shared these outcomes with the rest of the group, as I was aware some people hadn't seen the platform or its visual possibilities before, and thought that it would give an insight towards what we will be creating for our final assessment. I feel this is important, as this may in fact alter peoples visions of what to create, as they keep in mind this sort of digital layout.

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