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Updated: May 22, 2020

I drafted out an initial artist statement that we would use on the group instagram page. We collectively decided that on the account our main focus would be on introducing the artists and showcasing snippets and preview of our works in progress. We didn't want to bombard it with unnecessary clutter, and wanted to keep it straightforward and simple.

Artist Statement : An introduction to me

Ellie Rankin (@errankinn) is a visual artist working predominantly with photography to visualise and communicate her thoughts and visions. Her work inquisitively explores a range of different ideas and philosophies surrounding the photographic medium, considering its succession from analogue to digital. Currently working on ‘A distanced view’  she aims to explore and question our relationship with the image, considering different conventional methods of photographic display, and questioning our engagement and perception of such systems. With creativity being relocated to digital and online platforms as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, we are constantly consuming and interacting with digital files, algorithms and megapixels as opposed to physical outputs. Is this altering our interpretation or perception of such works? Does the screen act as a barrier, or a portal for our vision?

Instagram publicity :

My introductory feature on account :


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