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Updated: May 22, 2020

It will be necessary to find alternative ways of going about incorporating features that we would've wanted to given the situation being different. This including having instillation pieces, sculptures and 3D objects. As the topics of physicality and materiality within the photographic medium are a couple of the reoccurring themes that my practise embraces, I will need to look into just how I can go about this on a digital platform, using software I haven't used before.

I had an initial playground with Artsteps, seeing what could be done with regards to this. Overall, it seems to offer a significant amount, in terms of applying this to the works. Its easy navigation allows for a quick experimentation of ideas to see what works. If this were a physical exhibition, I would've certainly liked to incorporate some sort of scuplture/instillation piece out of the darkroom images I had produced. I therefore went onto create a 3D object out of those prints on Artsteps. This is shown below. I plan to have this finalised sculpture displayed upon a plinth.

My ideas behind this are as follows:

  • Taking overlooked, everyday phone images from the internet, and giving them another space to live.

  • The idea of decontextualisation of images..taking them from their original place of being..

  • highlighting the lack of materiality in the digital image

  • appropriation of images in a digital world

  • how do we interact with imagery?

  • lack of personal connection with the digital image

  • 'plinth' - conventional method of photographic do we view images? help/hinder our interpretation of message?

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