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Screen Games [WIP]

Through a desire to explore the awkward yet fascinating nature of the photographic medium, the work created over the past two years aims to examine the space in-between the digital and the physical form. By creating corporeal sculptures from digital images, I have transported the impalpable and inherently intangible object into an entirely new, original and unfamiliar environment. Through the process of deconstructing the image and experimenting with the digital pixel, my work aims to explore our complex relationship with the photographic form and the perplexing position it holds in our ever-evolving image saturated world. I aim to give life to images that, prior to my artistic intervention, were destined to exist exclusively in the body of a phone or in the metaphysical clutches of the World Wide Web. My work uses a number of different approaches and methods in order to explore the declining materialistic nature of the  medium and achieve these intentions. These include collage, sculpture, and digital / 3D manipulations.

Furthermore, my personal working methodologies and processes have been forcefully remapped and interrogated over the course of my research due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. I have found that our reliance and dependency on technological apparatuses acts as a barrier between our physical selves and the work we are making. At times I have felt as though this barrier has been detrimental to my creative visions, and thus the work produced for Screen Games has begun to deconstruct and investigate just what these dependencies are doing to the creative process.

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